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Floral Arrangement Catalog

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Kalanchoe, in Wicker Basket
ITEM: TF131-01

Pink Kalanchoe
Approx. 12" W x 12" H
This hardy plant produces a plethora of small, colorful pink flowers bursting from a compact group of waxy leaves. Plus, it produces warm hearts as well.
One pink kalanchoe arrives in a decorative ceramic jardiniere.

10 Spathiphyllum
ITEM: TF133-01

Large 10" Spathiphyllum Plant
Approx. 40" W x 50" H
This floor-sized plant with its shiny dark green leaves produces striking white lily-like flowers all year. Perfect for home or office.
One spathiphyllum plant arrives in a decorative wicker basket.

6 Spathiphyllum
ITEM: TF133-02

6" Spathiphyllum Plant
Approx. 14" W x 25" H
This version with its shiny dark green leaves, also produces striking white lily-like flowers. Perfect to beautify any home or office every day of the year.
One spathiphyllum plant arrives in a decorative wicker basket.


6" Dieffenbachia in Clay Pot
ITEM: TF135-02

6 " Dieffenbachia
Approx. 16-1/2" W x 22" H
This versatile indoor plant is perfect for a coffee table or desk. Full and vibrant with attractive speckled leaves, it's sure to delight anyone.
One dieffenbachia plant arrives in a terra-cotta pot with matching saucer.


6" Pothos Pole
ITEM: TF134-02

Proud Pothos
Approx. 22" W x 40" H
This cheery plant grows in most indoor conditions, and easily thrives. Adds great cheer to any home or office.
One pothos plant on a pole arrives in a decorative Wicker Basket with Ribbon


8 Spathiphyllum
ITEM: TF133-03

8" Spathiphyllum Plant
Approx. 26" W x 30" H
This easy-to-care for plant with its shiny dark green leaves and white flowers is the perfect complement to any home or office. And that special someone will be perfectly complimented, too.
One spathiphyllum plant arrives in a rattan basket.

8" Chinese Evergreen
ITEM: TF135-03

8" Aglaonema
Approx. 26" W x 24" H
This lovely indoor green plant says "Welcome" in a big way, and you\'ll get a big thank you when you send it. Also known as Chinese Evergreen.
One aglaonema plant arrives in a Wicker Basket.


8" Ficus Benjamine
ITEM: TF136-05

Ficus Bush
Approx. 21" W x 36" H
Want to add a beautiful rich green color to a home or office? This impressive ficus bush will really fill any room or corner with some life.
One Benjamina ficus bush arrives in a terra-cotta pot with saucer.


Dendrobium Orchid
ITEM: TF140-01

Dendrobium Orchid
Approx. 24" W x 13" H
This lovely orchid has several delicate blossoms on a long stalk. As one of the easiest orchids to grow, it\'s one of the easiest choices to make.
One purple and white dendrobium orchid arrives in a white ceramic jardiniere.

Dish Garden
ITEM: TF139-02

White Garden
Approx. 13" W x 15" H
This garden dish with its charming white flowers will dish up the kudos for you when you send it to that special someone. Perfect for home or office.
Dieffenbachia, fern, ivy and spathiphyllum arrive in a simple round dish.

Dish Garden with Pinks
ITEM: TF139-03

Dish Garden with Pinks
Approx. 14" W x 15" H
This garden dish filled with delightful green plants and fresh pink flowers is sure to make any home or office even more pleasing.
Fern, ivy, spathiphyllum and pink kalanchoe, along with fresh alstroemeria, arrive in a wicker basket with handle.

Exotic Bromeliad, in Wicker Basket
ITEM: TF142-01

Exotic Bromeliad
Approx. 18" W x 17-1/2" H
Its spectacular bloom resembles a flaming torch. Easy to maintain, with long-lasting blooms, it will add just the right spark to any occasion.
One bromeliad arrives in a decorative terra-cotta pot.


Petite European Basket
ITEM: TF127-02

Petite European Basket
Approx. 12" W x 13-1/2" H
This lively mix of African violet, cyclamen and kalanchoe plants really packs a lot of beauty into its petite wicker basket. Great for any occasion.
Blooming African violet, cyclamen and kalanchoe plants, along with a colorful speckled croton plant, arrive in a natural basket with handle.

Traditional European Garden Basket
ITEM: TF127-01

Traditional European Garden Basket
Approx. 17-1/2" W x 15-1/2" H
This lovely basket with bright fucshia African violets and kalanchoes and white daisy chrysanthemums, is a passport to joy for that someone special.
African violet, gerbera, ivy and kalanchoe plants arrive in a round wicker basket.

Tropical Bromeliad
ITEM: TF142-03

Tropical Bromeliad
Approx. 25" W x 23" H
With its spectacular color and exotic look, it\'s sure to fill any room with a touch of the tropics.
One bromeliad arrives in a decorative ceramic pot.


White Phalaenopsis Orchid
ITEM: TF141-01

White Phalaenopsis Orchid
Approx. 25" W x 16" H
This lovely white orchid, also called the Moth Orchid, blooms up to two full months. Makes any occasion all the lovelier.
One white phalaenopsis orchid arrives in a ceramic planter with bark chips.



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